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Why the eye? :

Find the homologies

So which of the diverse eyes below (if any) are homologous? To answer this question, we'll need to know:

1. Are the eyes in the same place on the bodies of these animals?

2. Are the eyes made up of the same types of cells and tissues?

3. Did the eyes arise from the same embryonic parts?

Now it's up to you to be the detective! Try to figure out which of our visionaries have anatomically homologous eyes. Click on the eyes below for more clues about the development and structure of each eye to help solve this mystery.

If you can't see or operate the above interactive item, you can try to get the Flash player or view a static version of the interactive content.

Based on what you've learned, try to figure out if any of the eyes above are homologous to one another. Remember, that in order for two eyes to be anatomically homologous, they must have similar position, composition, and development!

squid flatworm mouse fly shark

Why the eye?
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