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imageMouse fur color
This case study in the form of a set of PowerPoint slides examines the evolution of light fur in beach mice from the molecular level up to the population genetics level.

Audience: 13-16

Source: Evo-Ed

Resource type: Case study

imageEvolution of human skin color
Students examine evidence for the relationship between UV and melanin in other animals; investigate the genetic basis for constitutive skin color humans; learn to test for natural selection in mouse fur color; investigate how interactions between UV and skin color in humans can affect fitness; and explore data on migrations and gene frequency to show convergent evolution of skin color.

Audience: 13-16

Source: Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Resource type: Classroom activity

imageNature or nurture? Heritability in the classroom
From intelligence to laziness, artistic talent to how likely you are to become bald, people want to know, and debate about, whether traits are passed down from parents (“nature”) or affected by environment (“nurture”). In reality, the question is not “nature or nurture”, but to what extent each affects traits. In this exercise, students will learn about the importance of nature and nurture in determining phenotypic differences among individuals by collecting data on themselves and their parents to estimate heritability. In order for natural selection to act on a character, variations in that character must be heritable.

Audience: 13-16

Source: Layla Hiramatsu and Theodore Garland, Jr.

Resource type: Classroom activity

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