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Homology and analogy


Similarities and differences: Understanding homology and analogy  Great for students
This interactive investigation explains what homologies and analogies are, how to recognize them, and how they evolve.

Karl Von Baer: Developmental similarities
Karl von Baer's work on the early developmental stages of different organisms supports the idea that different species share common ancestors.
This article is located within History of Evolutionary Thought.

Similarity: Examples of analogy
This article takes a look at five examples of analogy, including similar structures in barnacles and limpets, sharks and dolphins, anteaters and echidnas, and more.

Similarity: Examples of homology
This article takes a look at five examples of homology, including structural, genetic and behavioral similarities.

Using trees to understand plants: The work of Chelsea Specht
This research profile follows scientist Chelsea Specht as she pieces together the evolutionary history of tropical plants and their pollinators--and in the process, tries to figure out how to conserve endangered species.

Evo in the news: Quick bites and quirky adaptations
Trap-jaw ants made headlines with the record-breaking speed of their jaws and a quirky behavior: flinging themselves into the air using the power of their mandibles. This news brief from October 2006 reveals the evolutionary story behind the headlines.

A fin is a limb is a wing
New research reveals that evolution has repeatedly relied on a genetic tool kit to build both simple and complex structures.
This article appears at the National Geographic website.

Evo in the news: The new shrew that's not
This news brief from March of 2008 describes scientists' discovery of a new mammal species, a giant elephant shrew. Though elephant shrews resemble regular shrews, recent genetic evidence suggests that elephant shrews actually sprang from a much older (and perhaps more charismatic) branch of the tree of life - the one belonging to elephants and their relatives.

Similarities and differences: Understanding homology and analogy
This interactive investigation explains what homologies and analogies are, how to recognize them, and how they evolve.

Bringing homologies into focus  Advanced
There's more to homologies and analogies than the iconic examples (e.g., the tetrapod limb) found in every high school textbook. This article goes beyond the basics to explore the many evolutionary scenarios that result in homoplasies and the many levels at which homologies might occur.
This article appears at SpringerLink.

Why the eye?  Advanced
Eyes are something of an icon of evolution. How did such an integrated, multi-part adaptation evolve? While many different animals have complex eyes, untangling their evolutionary history reveals both remarkable diversity and surprising similarity.

How boogieing birds evolved: The work of Kim Bostwick
This research profile follows ornithologist Kim Bostwick through the jungles of Ecuador and the halls of museums as she investigates the evolution of an exotic bird's complex mating dance.