Know their Strategies

Here are four common tactics that are often attempted by people who oppose teaching evolution:

  • Diluting or eliminating evolution education
    The attempt is to dilute or eliminate evolution education by changing the science standards, adding textbook disclaimers, opposing adoption of textbooks with good coverage of evolution, proposing anti-evolution legislation, or pressuring teachers to eliminate evolution.

  • Providing equal time
    This attempt “balances” evolution with creationism and thus demands equal time. School boards in every state have been pressed by citizens to include creationism in the science curriculum with the argument that “you already teach evolution, so it’s only fair to teach creationism too.”

  • Direct support of “creation science”
    The attempt is to support the teaching of “creation science” by adopting creationist books for classroom use, supporting outside speakers to present creation science in school settings, encouraging teachers to teach “creation science,” or insistence on teaching “alternative theories.”

  • Direct interference with teaching and learning
    This involves the direct interference of teaching by requesting that students be excused from learning about evolution or by introducing pre-prepared creationist material to disrupt teaching.

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