This site consists of two major areas for exploration:
  • Learning Evolution
    This area (in six sections) aims to provide a firm conceptual foundation for the teacher.

  • Teaching Evolution
    This area (in four sections) provides strategies and resources that have direct classroom application.

Several navigation buttons are available at the top of the page at all times:

  • Search goes to a page that allows you to search the site by keyword.

  • Site Index is a comprehensive list of the site's sections.

  • Glossary is a browseable guide to vocabulary words used on the site.

  • Home will always take you back to the Understanding Evolution For Teachers main homepage.

In some sections (for instance, Evolution 101 and the History of Evolutionary Thought), additional tools and menus will guide you through complex, multi-layered content. Go to the beginning of that section to find an explanation of any section-specific navigation tools.

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