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Learning Evolution Teaching Evolution
What is science and how does it work?
For information on the basic premises of scientific questions, and the fundamentals of science, go to Nature of Science.

What is evolution and how does it work?
For nuts-and-bolts knowledge on the mechanisms, patterns and other details of how evolution works, go to Evolution 101.

What evidence is there to support evolution?
For a demonstration of the evidence supporting evolution, including fossil and experimental evidence, go to Lines of Evidence.

Why should we care about evolution?
For a look at how evolution impacts our lives today, particularly in the fields of medical science, agriculture and conservation, go to Relevance.

What are some common misconceptions about evolution?
For responses to give when students have misunderstandings about evolution, go to Misconceptions.

Where can I learn about the history of evolutionary thought?
For a look at key ideas and research in the history of evolutionary thought, as well as the scientists who made these contributions, go to History of Evolutionary Thought.

How do I teach evolution in my classroom?
For concepts, lesson plans and teaching philosophy, go to Teaching Evolution.

How do I deal with the problems I encounter while teaching evolution?
For a guide to identifying and dealing with potential obstacles to the teaching of evolution, go to Overcoming Roadblocks.

How do I avoid making mistakes while teaching evolution?
For a guide to areas that may potentially cause student confusion, go to Potential Pitfalls.

Additional Resources
Where can I find more materials about evolution?
For feature articles, research profiles, news items, interactive investigations and more, go to the main Understanding Evolution site.

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