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The Arthropod Story Table of Contents   

Arthropods and you

The remarkable products of arthropod evolution are all around you in your day-to-day life:
  • The housefly buzzing around the room has mouthparts adapted for sponging up food and eyes adapted for avoiding predators (and consequently, fly swatters!).

    a fly

  • The crunch of a cockroach under your foot and the tough shell of a crab on your dinner plate are both testaments to the strength of the exoskeleton that they inherited from their common ancestor.


  • The moth fluttering around your porch light and the butterfly flitting outside your window both have the same basic body form adapted into different shapes.

    moth and butterfly

  • The centipedes and sowbugs under the rock outside your door look much like their ancestors did many millions of years ago.

    centipedes under a rock

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