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Understanding Evolution: your one-stop source for information on evolution
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How evolution works What is evolution and how does it work?
Evo-Devo, Examples of evolution, Genetics, History of life on Earth, Human evolution, Macroevolution, Microevolution, Natural selection, Speciation
Relevance of evolution How does evolution impact my life?
Agriculture, Conservation, Medicine
Misconceptions about evolution Misconceptions about evolution
Evidence and examples What is the evidence for evolution?
Homology and analogy, Observations of evolution
History of evolutionary thought What is the history of evolutionary theory?
Frequently-asked questions on evolution controversies in the public arena Frequently-asked questions on evolution controversies in the public arena

Evo in the news:

Evo in the News Browse the complete archive of our monthly Evo in the news feature or read one of these recent stories:

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Evo examples:

evo examples Take a close look at the evolutionary histories of organisms with these evo examples.

Interactive investigations:

Interactive investigations With these interactive, web-based modules, you can improve and test your understanding of evolution.

  Research profiles:

Research profiles Browse the complete archive of our research profiles or read one of these recent ones:

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Tutorials Learn more about how evolution works with our tutorials.

Resources at different levels:

Resources at different levels Browse our selection of resources tailored to different audience levels. For lesson plans and other teaching materials visit our teachers' area.

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