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Evo in the news: "Superweed" discovered in Britain?


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This news brief, from October of 2005, describes the discovery of an herbicide resistant weed in Britain and illustrates the relationship between genetic engineering and evolution.

UC Museum of Paleontology

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10 minutes

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Use this resource to relate evolutionary concepts to the topic of biotechnology (or get more suggestions for incorporating evolution throughout your biology syllabus). This article provides a nice link between biology concepts and practical/ethical issues facing our society. It could be used to motivate discussions of the merits and drawbacks of genetic engineering. This article also includes a set of discussion and extension questions, as well as links to related lessons that might be used in conjunction with this one. Get more tips for using Evo in the News articles in your classroom.

Correspondence to the Next Generation Science Standards is indicated in parentheses after each relevant concept. See our conceptual framework for details.

  • Inherited characteristics affect the likelihood of an organism's survival and reproduction.

  • Traits that confer an advantage may persist in the population and are called adaptations.

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