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Darwin and Wallace: Natural selection


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Darwin and Wallace came up with the idea of natural selection, but their idea of how evolution occurs was not without predecessors.
This article is located within History of Evolutionary Thought.

UC Museum of Paleontology

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10 minutes

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This historical perspective will give students a glimpse of the people behind the science. A classroom discussion of this article may enhance student learning.

Correspondence to the Next Generation Science Standards is indicated in parentheses after each relevant concept. See our conceptual framework for details.

  • Evolution results from selection acting upon genetic variation within a population. (LS4.B)

  • Scientific knowledge is open to question and revision as we come up with new ideas and discover new evidence. (P4, P6, NOS3)

  • Science is a human endeavor. (NOS7)

  • Scientists use artificial selection as a model to learn about natural selection. (P2)

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