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Evolution connection: Photosynthesis 1


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This short slide set explains the existence of photorespiration using evolutionary history. Save the slide set to your computer to view the explanation and notes that go along with each slide.

UC Museum of Paleontology

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5 minutes

Teaching tips:
Use this resource to relate evolutionary concepts to the topics of photosynthesis and photorespiration (or get more suggestions for incorporating evolution throughout your biology syllabus). Incorporate these slides immediately after you’ve discussed basic photosynthesis and photorespiration, as an introduction to C4 and CAM carbon fixation.

Correspondence to the Next Generation Science Standards is indicated in parentheses after each relevant concept. See our conceptual framework for details.

  • Living things have had a major influence on the composition of the atmosphere and on the surface of the planet.

  • There is a fit between organisms and their environments, though not always a perfect fit.

  • An organism's features reflect its evolutionary history.

  • There is a fit between the form of a trait and its function, though not always a perfect fit.

  • Depending on environmental conditions, inherited characteristics may be advantageous, neutral, or detrimental.

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