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Found 2 resources for the concept: Fitness is often measured using proxies like mass, number of matings, and survival because it is difficult to measure reproductive success.

imageStudying Living Organisms: Estimation of Population Growth by Counting Offspring: Seed Multiplication
This simple activity allows students to discover or reason through a portion of Darwin's theory of natural selection. Students use seeds from common fruits (e.g. apple seeds) to hypothesize/calculate the reproductive rate of a population, realize that such large populations do not exist, and conclude that organisms face a constant struggle to survive.

Audience: 13-16

Source: Access Excellence

Resource type: Classroom activity

imageMate choice and fitness consequences
Students read a 2005 paper on the fitness consequences of mate choice alongside an interactive guide that asks the reader to answer key questions about each section of the article.

Audience: 13-16

Source: UC Museum of Paleontology

Resource type: Annotated journal article

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