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imageEvolution and E. coli: Natural selection in a constant environment
In this reading-, writing-, and discussion-based activity, students explore bacterial evolution occurring in a stable environment, which counters the intuitive misconception that environmental change is a necessary component to natural selection. A landmark study provides the backdrop against which students can challenge their thinking about what it means for a population to evolve.

Audience: 9-12

Source: BiteScis

Resource type: Classroom activity

imageEvolution and health: What is a mismatch disease?
In this reading-, writing-, and discussion-based activity, students learn about how changes in the environment can influence the phenotype of organisms. More specifically, students will be investigating the concept of a mismatch disease and how it relates to many present human phenotypes that are no longer beneficial.

Audience: 9-12

Source: BiteScis

Resource type: Classroom activity


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