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We've assembled a database of lessons vetted for both scientific accuracy and pedagogical soundness. Search for lessons by topic or by keyword below, or check out the 9-12 Conceptual Framework to search by the concepts each lesson addresses.

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In addition to lessons and classroom activities you will find:

  • Articles, Evo in the News, and research profiles: These feature articles can be assigned as homework or extra credit, and may be used as the basis for classroom discussion. Many come with essay/discussion questions — in particular, the research profiles and Evo in the News items. Our research profiles of evolutionary biologists can help build students' critical thinking skills and reinforce the process of science. Learn more about how to use research profiles in your teaching. Evo in the News, a monthly feature on Understanding Evolution, explores the evolution in a current news story. This feature includes links to the primary literature and, often, advanced discussion questions for undergraduates. Learn more about how to use Evo in the News in your classroom.

  • Tutorials: These articles written for students address major concepts in evolution. They can be can be used as homework or extra credit, or may be assigned to individual students who need additional clarification on basic concepts or who are ready for more advanced material.

  • Online activities and labs: These interactive web activities can be used directly by students working individually or in small groups at computers. Some are short interactives, and others are more extensive, lab-like investigations that engage students in problem solving and may require several class periods.

  • Lectures: These videos feature evolutionary biologists teaching about important concepts in evolution. Students can be assigned to watch them on their own, or they can be shown to an entire class.

  • Videos: These short, online videos can be used as a way to quickly pique student interest in a topic that will be addressed more thoroughly in class.

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