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Students at this level are ready to fully grasp evolutionary concepts that explain the diversity of living organisms and the history of life on Earth. Use these resources to support your teaching at the undergraduate level.

Sample resources:

Journal Club Toolkit
Journal Club Toolkit
This set of teaching materials aims to help instructors engage their students with the primary literature in evolutionary biology through a "journal club" that can be implemented in a discussion section or smaller class. It includes several helpful tools: annotated articles, a reading guide, additional suggested reading, and tips for students leading a discussion of a journal article.
Understanding Macroevolution Through Evograms
Active-learning slides for undergraduate evolution instruction
This resource describes three types of short activity that are simple to introduce into a lecture-based course, that can be incorporated into a slide presentation, and that help increase the level of active pedagogy: minute papers, personal response questions, and problem-based discussions. Many downloadable sample slides regarding evolutionary topics are provided.

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