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A Pleistocene Puzzle: Extinction in South America

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  • Drawings and text: Josh Frankel
  • Scientific and editorial advisors: Natalia Villavicencio, Emily Lindsey, Anthony Barnosky, Anna Thanukos
  • Web production: Trish Roque

This comic was based on the research of a team of South and North American researchers and the following scientific paper: Natalia A. Villavicencio, Emily L. Lindsey, Fabiana M. Martin, Luis A. Borrero, Patricio I. Moreno, Charles R. Marshall and Anthony D. Barnosky, 2015, Combination of humans, climate, and vegetation change triggered Late Quaternary megafauna extinction in the Última Esperanza region, southern Patagonia, Chile. Ecography 38:1–16. http://ib.berkeley.edu/labs/barnosky/Villavicencio_et_al-2015-Ecography.pdf

A Pleistocene Puzzle: Extinction in South America
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